Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, how was I supposed to know?

My dearest Nora, wherever thou mayst roam,

This evening, I embarked on a journey to a local department store to snatch up a deal on a new leather jacket. After some careful deliberation in true male shopper fashion, it took about 5 minutes to pick the one I liked best and make my towards the register.

The lady with whom I conducted the transaction was quite nice, and even cut the tags and such free from the jacket so that I could wear it immediately. I got an amazing deal, saving $150. This was the best-fitting jacket I've ever owned. I did notice one abnormality, but I thought it was just the way the jacket was styled. When it comes to fashion, I have no clue.

I spent a few final free hours of hanging out with my friends back home wearing the jacket, and liked it more as time passed. Fantastic.

Upon returning home, I took the jacket off, again noting the irregularity, and emptied my pockets, as is my routine. As I examined the receipt from my beloved purchase, my eyes widened suddenly and I honestly did a double-take. The item was listed as "Ladies Outerwear."

Ladies Outerwear.

How the...?? It was on a rack with a bunch of other men's the men's department...which is a long way from the women's department. A long way. Furthermore, there is no indication whatsoever that this is a women's jacket. I wondered if some store employee put it there, laughing that some sucker (like me), unaided by female guidance, would unwittingly purchase it.

I can't believe I wore it all night and nobody said anything. They're probably just as clueless as I. I wonder what the nice lady at the cash register thought!

Then, the irregularity came back into focus. The buttons are on the left side of the coat, instead of the right. I do believe that I've always heard that this was the hallmark of a woman's coat.



Can't wait to see the look on the face of the person I'm explaining this tale to when I go to return it.

May the grace of He keep you always,

J.O. Morris

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