Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost ready to ask, "What next?"

My dearest Nora, wherever thou mayst roam,

Exam results: 81
I made careless mistakes... the one that cost me the most points was one of the easiest questions. A carbon atom in the middle of a jungle of other junk had three sigma bonds and a lone pair attached. Part of the larger question was identifying any non-zero formal charges we came across. I wrote that this particular carbon had a +1 charge. Yeah. Obviously, I meant -1 because it had one extra electron... At least my professor knows I'm not a complete imbecile, as I'd gone to his office to procure my graded paper and we discussed my carelessness. My instantaneous verbal correction of mistakes went a long way... but not far enough. I can't believe it.

...but I'd better forget about it, march on, and be more careful in the future. I was so confident that I was going to make an A, and when I saw how easy the exam was, I went on autopilot. Big mistake.

Half an hour was wasted this afternoon waiting for two group members show up to iron out the last details of our presentation tomorrow. They never showed, so the only other responsible member of the group and I did what we could with it and split. Luckily, we get a grade solely on what we contribute.

Came home to a clogged toilet. Always great fun, especially when you're the one stuck fixing it. It was an epic battle, and surprisingly, I only flirted with vomiting once! This is a vast improvement over past efforts. I kept telling myself that (hopefully) in a few years, I'll be a doctor and will be dealing with much worse and won't want to hurt the feelings of my patient, so I'd better buck up and think pleasant thoughts throughout the exercise.

Conveniently, Party Boy I emerges from his room (was not aware that he was at home) after the problem with the toilet was rectified.

I then washed a load of laundry, loaded it into the dryer...only to find that it would not start up. It just buzzes a lot. I cleaned out all of someone else's lint from the trap, checked all connections, so on and so forth, and still no action. Oh, maintenance maaaannn...

What a day it has been. Oh, and SURPRISE! Statistics exam next week, right after my physiology exam. Thanks for the week+ notice you swore you'd deliver.

Coffee in hand (on desk, actually), boldly I go into the great (still) unknown of physiology. It'd better be grateful because I've passed up the opportunity to socialise with members of my pre-med organisation, including a cute Eastern European with the loveliest appellation, to get better acquainted with peroxisomes, oncogenes, and other various items.

May the grace of He keep you always,

J.O. Morris

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