Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little (olfactory) trips to grandma's

Dear engineer lounge,

I often pass through you on exceptionally hot days (just about every day from April/May until early December), and not just for the protection you so graciously provide. You see, every time I open the door and enter, I'm greeted with the same pleasant aroma that I used to find in my grandmother's house. This is terribly important to me, for she left us over three years ago, and had moved out of the house I loved so dearly a year or two before that.

I spent much time in that house, exploring her cabinets and admiring the old-time things she had stored in there. She would smile and get a kick out of my rummaging, answering questions about items I found particularly fascinating...even at that age, for me it was the older, the better.

She'd wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. (can't remember which) each and every day, and start the day off by brewing some coffee to go with her breakfast. The wonderful scent of coffee combined with her home's natural smell was really something else...unique and comforting. Nearly every day, I'd awaken to the beautiful conglomeration of aromas wafting out of the kitchen, smile, turn over, and go right back to sleep. I miss that. It was a wonderful feeling of safety, comfort, and love.

Even in my angry and confused teenage years, the house really worked its magic on me...not that anybody else could tell.

So, engineer lounge, this is the real story  behind our frequent encounters. I'll have you know that I sometimes even go out of my way just to pass through, because in no time at all, I'll be gone from this university for good and will no longer have such a rare and pleasant opportunity. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face so many times already, and for all of the times to come.

With respect and admiration,

J.O. Morris

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