Monday, January 25, 2010

Par for the course

Dear Ms...err, Mrs. Blondie,

Thank you for your interest in my proposal. I was terribly excited to see that you had registered to lend a helping hand, and was very much looking forward to getting better acquainted with you. When we'd last spoken, I was taken aback by the mention of your interest in neurology. You're the first aspiring neurologist I've met, and I found this wonderfully exciting...and your physical charm didn't hurt anything, either.

As the time of our first interaction as a group approached, I became increasingly nervous and couldn't wait for you to arrive. When you finally did show up, five minutes early, and blushed a bit as you grinned and excitedly said hi, I had a feeling that we were really going to hit it off.

...and so we did! I couldn't stop smiling!

...that is, until I noticed the ring on your finger.

...and then you constantly mentioned your husband. My mood declined a little with each utterance of the phrase. "My husband" this, " husband" that. I know. I backed off when I saw the ring, 30-some minutes ago. Slow on the uptake though I may be at times, this was wholly unnecessary.

Thank you, though, for having been upfront about your relationship status, unlike the last woman I pursued, who strung me along for several weeks before casually mentioning her boyfriend of several years.

Wishing you continued success in your marriage,

J.O. Morris

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