Friday, January 1, 2010

A tribute to greatness

Dear Jack Benny,

You don't know me, having died approximately 8 years before my birth, but I know you very well.

I'd first heard of you on a PBS program showcasing the greatest of television comedians. It's difficult to admit, but the presentation on you did little for me. However, a year or two later when we bought a high definition television, I was watching a digital broadcast channel called RTV (Retro Television Network). I believe Perry Mason had caught my eye at first, as I'm a huge fan of that program. After a brief commercial break, your program started and I had a mind to go in search of something else.

I am, a bit less than a year later, so incredibly overjoyed that I did not.

What I like most about your show is its simple presentation, not relying on flashy stage decoration and other such distractions...the comedy stands for itself. Despite being 50+ years old, almost all of the material could've just as easily been written in this day and age...that is, of course, if comedy show writers weren't so keen on taking the cheap, raunchy road to get a laugh.

It might amuse you to learn that I have subconsciously adopted your hand-to-cheek response in comically exasperating moments and had a great laugh when I realised it. I make Jack Benny violin jokes in hopes that I might connect with others out there who also enjoy your program, but so far, my search is in vain. However, my grandmother and I did have a somewhat lengthy conversation about you and your program, and we had quite a laugh whilst doing so.

Thank you, Mr. Benny, for the hours up on hours of quality entertainment. I'll do what I can to pass your show on to my children, should I ever have any, and to whomever else I can.

All the best,

J.O. Morris

P.S. You never did look a day over 39.

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