Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet dreams

Just dozed off for a bit whilst revising for my finals and had a lovely little dream. It was a Saturday morning and I was lounging around on the couch reading. A small child, my child...a boy, maybe 6 years old, with a mild case of bedhead (obviously does not take after his father) and footed pajamas...came running up to me. "Daddy, daddy! Can we play golf today? Can we!?"

I grinned.

"Yeah! That sounds like fun! Let's get some breakfast and see if mama wants to go, too."

My son ran before me into the kitchen. I was ecstatic and thankful.

I woke up and was disappointed to be faced with reality. No child, no wife...not even any prospects for the latter. Feeling a bit lonely. Longing for the day that my dream is reality.

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