Friday, April 16, 2010

An interruption of my regularly scheduled programming

Hahaha, wouldn't you know it that my usual Friday afternoon study spot is as jumpin' as I've ever seen it. There are six individuals, engaged in three different conversations, and they, like my flatmates, are trying to outyell each other.

Oh, here comes a pack of five more...three giggling girls wearing sorority shirts, and two guys (one with his ballcap tilted severely off to the side). These folks are a long way from the business building. Hmm.

I've forgotten my headphones, you see, or else this wouldn't be too big of a problem. Furthermore, I have a quiz for which I'm just now able to begin revising.

It seems as though I can't get away from excessive noise to save my life. I should give this up and be a monk, taking a vow of silence... mash up grapes and make wine all day... hmmmm.

Aha, just as quickly as they all appeared, they've scattered! Now, back to interlobular arteries and proximal convoluted tubules...

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