Saturday, April 3, 2010

The first day

My dearest Nora, wherever thoust may roam,

Today marked my first day working in Big City Hospital and surprisingly, I didn't start freaking out until I got in the elevator to go to my floor. Even then, I wasn't too nervous, but I sure got that way when I rounded the corner at the nurses' station and saw her sitting there.

Who did I see but the tall and lovely nurse I saw during my orientation! My knees were knocking, teeth chattering, and my hands went cold and clammy. Oh, so rare are women like her that I feel a selfish cretin for even thinking that she might one day be mine...and, equally, I hers.

Not once, twice, nor thrice, but four times did I examine her delicate hand for any sign of a ring.


Good news, but perhaps she's involved. I reckon time shall provide that answer.

There weren't any particularly good openings with which I was able to speak to her, save for a brief encounter in a supply closet. My query to her was a bit of a silly one, but I wanted to make sure that I'd grabbed the correct item...after she confirmed it, I made a slightly humourous comment which elicited a bit of laughter.

I made her, and several other nurses, giggle when I had to call them to let them know of a patient's need. Yes, I spent some of the time covering the phones. Not an ideal place to fact, quite intimidating, even with my history of phone operation in previous employment. I didn't say anything particularly amusing, so I couldn't pinpoint what was causing such a reaction. A thought came later when one of the doctors, a very friendly lady in her mid-40s, commented on my "soothing" and (some other attractive and blush-inducing adjective) voice. Hmm! The laughter was probably just a, "Hehe, listen to the new guy," kind of thing but I found myself getting used to the idea that they might find my voice (and perhaps more!) attractive.

...hey, an senile elderly lady thought I was hot stuff, so you never know!

Ahem, but there's no telling what the old lady thought she was seeing. That was probably the 2nd place highlight of the day (the 1st being walking through the front doors, hopping in the elevator, rounding that corner and seeing Ms. Legs). Boy, though, that old lady sure took a liking to me. I played into it a bit and went to visit her once or twice throughout the day. It made her smile, which made me smile, and I felt like I was doing something worthwhile.

I left with that feeling after clocking out, as well. Finally, fulfillment and satisfaction after a day's work.

What could make the day better, besides Ms. Legs whispering lustfully into my ear about all sorts of unmentionable acts, than going to the driving range? Today marked the third day in a row, and the fourth time this week, that I went. I began to get very excited when, on Tuesday, I hit yet another distance record...and it all came so effortlessly. It was just dropped right into my lap, to be honest, and my God have I never felt something so natural. A beautiful arc, each and every time, whether I slice it or not...haha. It's going places.

So now, with Golf Channel in the background showing highlight reels from previous Masters tournaments (Ernie Els should take it this year!), Hank Williams' "Lovesick Blues" on repeat, and some coffee ice cream just slightly beginning to melt (perfect!), I've got my feet propped up and the family dogs curled up beside. It's good to be home again.

May the grace of He keep you always,

J.O. Morris


  1. Congrats on your first day!

    Since I apparently like to dole out unsolicited advice...

    Hehehe....oh beware of tall beautiful nurses.

    The hospital is a very very dangerous petri dish for relationships. I've only dated a co-worker once and it became a horrible train-wreck-emotionally-charged-hurtful-evil-crying-in-locker-room-disaster-of-epic-proportions.
    To which I now follow the sage advice of a mentor: don't get your meat where you get your bread. Vulgar maybe, but good advice.

    At least fall in love with a nurse on a different floor. :)

    Trust me, once you utter the words "I'm in medical school" women will be throwing themselves at you.

    Funny enough the phrase has the opposite effect on men. A guy can be hitting on me from here to Havana but when I tell him I'm in medical school he's gone before I can say "male ego". :P

    Nonetheless, I am glad you had such a great first day.


    P.S I live in "Stab City". Hence why I chuckled at your comment on my blog.

  2. I can definitely see the negative aspects of dating a co-worker, especially if things end up going south. Infinite apologies for the terrible experience you once had...I've seen and heard of other horrendous experiences, as well. Ugh. It's a shame that it turns out that way so often. Even in light of all of that, I still can't quite shake the whole "Whatever happens, happens" sort of approach.

    Ahhh, see that business about women throwing themselves at me when I mention my future career is kind of what I don't want. It makes it a bit harder to sort out the no-good ones! To be honest, I don't really tell all that many people my aspirations. I don't hide it, but I don't advertise, either =P

    Wow, I was going to say that I was surprised about how quickly the would-be Romeos vanish...but no, no I'm not surprised. That's craziness to me. I like my women bright and ambitious.

    haha, "Stab City," huh? Wow, I know the place. Never been, but know folks who have. They've sort of cleaned up a bit from previous years, right? I hope that trend continues and am crossing my fingers for your continued safety.

  3. Ahh, yes...I suppose I do know a few stories where the co-worker thing worked out.

    Hahah, fret not about my safety! I rarely leave the confines of my hovel (bedroom/office) or campus. My biggest risk here would be getting egged by 1st years or stepping on broken glass from the q nightly parties that happen just outside my door. I. Hate. Living. In. Res.

    Re: Stab City...It's the armpit of Ireland, to be sure, but definitely not as dangerous as it was a few years back.

    Hmmm...I hadn't thought of the negative side to women throwing themselves at you, but you're right...I guess it would attract bats as well as butterflies. You seem like you'd be just fine at picking up the ones who are only doctor-husband shopping. :)