Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'll have the chicken...and your love

Dear waitress,

Thank you for playing along with, although not encouraging, my inebriated friend this evening. You were a good sport despite some indications of fear and confusion over his boisterous rambling at certain moments. It's been a long time since I've come across a waitress, or anybody, who so profusely exudes kindness. I got the impression that you're a very gentle soul, and that's precisely the kind I want by my side.

You were also incredibly cute. Had I been a man of greater confidence, surely I'd have expressed my interest in you. Instead, the best I could muster was to try to make a lot of eye contact and were so busy and our eyes only met a handful of times. I took it to mean that you weren't interested, based on my long and turbulent history with other representatives of your sex.

Something within me almost made me pause and speak to you a bit more as I was leaving...I let you pass before me as you were carrying two armloads of dirty dishes; me, the very last in a long chain of my friends and other customers who were a bit too self-absorbed and plowed right on by, obstructing your pathway. The surprise in your eyes when I stopped and told you go ahead, and then the wonderful, bright, full smile, the adorable head-bobbing from side-to-side thing that you did, and that rather energetic and appreciative, "Thank you!" that you produced as you made your way by me further pushed me to make my approach.

But you're a waitress, and I'm sure that innumerable fellows have a go at chatting you up. To be another creeper on a long list of them is not the ideal position for me.

Perhaps I have the wrong attitude.

Yeah, that's it. Should I then return in a couple of days and hope that you're there? It seems that with each passing minute, the right time for this slips further and further away. But then again, what do I know? It might be the case that my return in the near future just to speak to you would be seen as a romantic and dreamy sort of affair.

Maybe it'd be cause for alarm and a desire to obtain a restraining order. Kidding...mostly. heh.

At any rate, you're quite enchanting and if I can't be the one to tell you these things, then I hope that you have someone who does.

May each of your days be filled with abundant joy and love,

J.O. Morris

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