Monday, March 8, 2010


Dear Scottish lady on the BBC World Service,

I've been unsuccessful in tracking down audio clips of you, and this is mild-to-moderately depressing. However, I have discovered two different presenters from BBC Scotland that are somewhat comparable. They've not got your always-on, incredibly sexy and seductive air, but they have got just enough to get me all kinds of wrapped up 'round their little finger.

And I do not mind.

This first clip has the added bonus of seeing what the presenter actually looks like, and it's incredibly pleasant. She's a bit too animated in a forced, peppy kind of way. A bit off-putting, but what an accent!

The other clip is far closer to my beloved presenter, although this one's voice is just a bit deeper...still incredibly lovely. It's almost too much. I think that if I were to travel to Scotland, it'd be the last trip I'd ever make. My brain would go bonkers from sensory overload, and I'd either be committed or shut down completely and pass on... all with a smile. A huge smile.

Ooh, I've just been reminded of the Shipping Report! I'll check that out and see what comes of it. So soothing.

Until our paths cross,

J.O. Morris

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