Friday, March 19, 2010

Desperation...delirium...a dash of apathy (Oh no!)

My dearest Nora, wherever thou mayst roam,

Truthfully, I proclaim for all to hear that my feeling this morning is that I might as well have not gone to bed at all last night. The quality of sleep was not an issue, but it's more a problem of duration. My waking early was to allow for completion of the remaining tasks at hand (mostly memorisation of physiological facts), but only a little over half of this has taken place.

My mind is in a bit of a fog...feeling disconnected. One cup of coffee down, another in preparation. Concern over my performance on this afternoon's exam is surprisingly minimal, despite the amount of material I don't know. How do I get myself into these messes?

I'll tell you how. The entire week of spring break was spent pursuing those activities for which I don't ordinarily have time to even think about. A piece of recent history returns to me...I clearly recall thinking on Wednesday or Thursday of last week, "Hmm, there should be another exam in the next week or two. Perhaps I should check the syllabus. ...nah, who'd be so sadistic as to give an exam the week immediately following spring break?"

I know who!

Ah, the more I feel the urgency of the situation and the need to return to a 4-inch stack of notecards, the more I have to write about. Only the signal that my next cup of coffee is ready and waiting is enough to tear me away from this exercise in procrastination. Coincidentally, if procrastination affected the body in a similar manner as regular exercise, my HDL levels would be through the roof.

May the grace of he keep you always,

J.O. Morris

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