Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rip van Morris

I came home for lunch and since the apartment was empty, decided to stay and study in my room for the remainder of the day. It's devilishly hot outside and the very thought of making the trek from the university parking lot all the way to the library makes me overheat, even in light of all of the air conditioned shortcuts I've found.

Before I set to work, I went to a few of the websites I check daily...and managed to fall asleep while doing so. Seeing as how the desk and chair combo furnished with the apartment is quite awkward for anyone over six feet tall to utilise (no leg room whatsoever), I had to take to propping myself up on my bed. Ill-advised, I know. Many a time I've drifted off instead of carrying on through the wee hours cramming for some blasted exam (or series of them). So, yes, off I went to sleep.

Don't know precisely what prompted it, but I awoke and was slightly panicked. I looked towards my clock for orientation.

2-something p.m.

2-something p.m.!? Lab started at 1! OH NO! I've missed the quiz, I'll miss points on last week's lab report, and I'm going to miss this week's experiment!

Anger, expletive, sleep-dazed frustration and disorientation, etc...

I double-checked the time with my laptop. Surely I didn't sleep more than 24 hours! No! What day is this!?

At this point, things became a bit clearer and I begin to understand that I've only lost 90 minutes of study time. Whew. Now that my heart rate has gone back to normal, I'm starting to see the humour in the situation. heh

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