Saturday, June 5, 2010


  • Patient cussed me out good and proper and later told a nurse that they were going to get out of bed and kick my hindquarters. I'd clocked in less than 30 minutes earlier. Haha, welcome to Big City Hospital.
  • A nurse that I'd worked with once before, and who was incredibly crabby, was still...incredibly crabby. Even a bit condescending to me. It was on my mind to just not have anything to do with her for the rest of the day, but I carried on being as pleasant as always...perhaps a bit moreso. She warmed up later in the day and even expressed her gratitude for my work. I was glad for the turnaround and improved mood, and felt kind of good when I thought that maybe I had something to do with it.
  • Some woman kept accidentally setting off the call bell. All. Day. Long.
  • An amazing elderly male member of the medical team and I got started talking, and he was a right whirlwind! He's led such a vibrant and varied life. Extensive traveler, five vastly different and highly respectable careers (including the present one), nearly 70 years under his belt and he's still going strong. He rides a motorbike to work! On and on and on came the intriguing details. Some were put off by it, but he was so enthusiastic and ate it up when someone else got wrapped up in it, too. I really hope I see him around again. Made my whole month, that man did. 

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