Friday, June 4, 2010

A few things

BBC World Service at 11 p.m... if I can stay awake. That's ridiculous.

But funny.

Got the new MSAR today and I've looked through about half of it. I've selected 20 schools so far that I might be interested in applying to, most of which are in the northern and western parts of the country. Realistically, I think I'll only be able to afford to apply and travel to.. uh, 2 of them.  heh

There was a nice guy sitting a table ahead of me in the library today. Kept making small talk. He looked like a womanising frat boy, to be honest, but he only called me "bro" once. There seemed to be a bit of loneliness within him. He mentioned not being from around here. My mind was quick to think of all kinds of possible situations, most of which were kind of sad. I kind of wish I was more talkative...not that I was skimpy with the conversation, but you know how it goes.

As I left the library, the main floor smelled so much like a hospital that I was getting a little worried. As is normally my wont, I let my mind wander and saw myself leaving the hospital after a long, exhausting, taxing day. But I was smiling.

So, I smiled as I left the library, even when the ridiculously hot and humid air assaulted me with a vicious frenzy.

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