Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vår stjärna

My dearest Nora, wherever thou mayst roam,

I suddenly found myself in the uncomfortable grasp of illness about midway through last week. Luckily, I had the opportunity to do all that one is supposed to do in such a state...plenty of rest, plenty of fluids, lots of Vitamin C, and a fair bit of green tea + honey for the pleasure. It's been years since I've become ill so often (last this year was in late February/early March). The only variable that I can control is exercise. I've really been slacking on it since midway through the fall semester...fell into a routine of not doing it, and well, you know how it goes.

Feeling almost 100% today. Took a drive this evening as darkness fell as I desperately needed to see something besides the same four walls of my room in the apartment. Besides, I'd almost run through all of the Eddie Izzard videos and was cramping up from laughter.

So, out and about I was, listening to "Are You Experienced?" and singing along (when no other cars were around) in my congested-nasal-passages voice. Several times, my eyes looked to the heavens, but only once did something catch my eye.

A lone star, twinkling at some great distance, suspended in infinite nothingness. I wondered, as I've often done throughout my life, how many other folks were taking notice of the same.

What I really wondered, though, was if somewhere out there, a young woman was gazing upon the same star and, likewise, wondering where her perfect match might be.

I'm here waiting, as patiently as possible, for our inevitable rendezvous. I'm ready. I've been ready.

May the grace of He keep you always,

J.O. Morris

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