Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stormy weather

I don't reckon I'll ever grow tired of this song. Throughout the years, I've turned to it in times of crisis and in times of joy...each time was as relevant as the other. Fantastic.

Having a prolonged spell of PMAD after grades came in. Furthermore, I became more aware of my non-existent love life over the break between terms. It was a big ol' self-pity marathon. blah.

However, things are looking up. I've made strong grades in the rest of the classes that make up one's science GPA, and I still have three of the core classes to complete. I'll probably come away with a 3.7, maaaaybe 3.8, and I can't be too wrecked about that. Also, Party Boy I is moving out in less than a month. Party Boy II and I are getting on quite well lately and I suppose I'll be sad to see him go at the end of the summer. Deep down, he's a good kid. Finally in the good news department, one of my professors is from the East End and thank the lord above, he teaches my 8 a.m. class. Dry humour at that hour is also especially welcome...further made more entertaining when examining those students around me who haven't a clue what he just said.

The scale is tipping ever-so slightly in my direction at present, and I'll take it. Gladly.


  1. Self-pity marathons come in waves I find.

    The pre-med ones just get replaced with med school ones which include "why are all of my friends [going on nice holidays/buying cars/getting married/reading interesting books/skiing] while I am stuck here with my head in a patho book?" moments. :)

    Chin up, you are kicking ass at school and rocking the hospital experience. You'll get in where and when you want. For shizzle. (Sometimes I slip into Snoop vernacular and can't help myself).

  2. Hmm, well I suppose it's comforting to know that these emotions will be around for a while...we're great friends already! heh

    Thanks for the positive vibes! They are greatly appreciated, and the Snoop vernacular is the cherry on top =)